We unlock the power of your company’s history.

Your company history is its DNA. It holds the key to who you are, what you do and how you do it. It defines your past and shapes your future.

At the Graphic History Company, we unravel your history to discover what makes you truly unique and weave it into a compelling and beautiful story.

An enduring story that will inspire your staff, your clients and your partners and light the way to a brighter future.

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Forging your future is the goal when harnessing your history. So understanding your strategic objectives is the starting point for everything we do, informing the direction of every project.


Your company history holds the key to who you are. We research your history, from its inception to the present day, revealing what makes you truly unique.


Our award winning team create original, bold and powerful ways to tell your story, to inspire and energise the people your business relies upon to build its future.

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Can Historians help shape foreign policy?

Can Historians help shape foreign policy?



Last night we were guests of Chatham House to debate this question in the wake of Theresa May's Lancaster House speech in which she shared a post Brexit vision where Britain's relationships with European and global partners would be driven by its 'profoundly internationalist history and culture'. Is this a harking back to the days of empire? And if so, are Britain’s partners around the world willing to engage with her in this spirit or will they take a more pragmatic approach, pursuing the geopolitical and trading relationships that best serve their national interests? These were some of the questions considered during a wide ranging debate.


By: Emma

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